Reference designs

Silicon Carbide inverter platform

Bringing various partners together, CISSOID can now offer a one-stop-shop 3-phase inverter platform.

Together with the company Silicon Mobility, CISSOID is offering the Silicon Carbide (SiC) Inverter Control Module, which mechanically and electrically integrates the OLEA® T222 Field Programmable Control Unit (FPCU) based controller board and OLEA® APP - T222 INVERTER application software from Silicon Mobility, together with the 3-Phase 1200V/340A-550A SiC MOSFET Intelligent Power Module from CISSOID. 

The SiC Inverter Control Module offers:

  • 3-Phase 1200V/340A-550A SiC Intelligent Power Module
  • A controller board based on the OLEA® T222 Field Programmable Control Unit (FPCU)
  • ISO-26262 ASIL-D design-ready and AUTOSAR compliant
  • Advanced control algorithms for highly energy-efficient systems
  • Closed-loop control based on Field Oriented Control and variable SVPWM switching up to 50 kHz with short dead time compensation

This solution is now integrated into CISSOID's SiC Inverter Reference Design offering a complete and modular hardware and software solution for the rapid  development of an electric motor drive up to 350kW/850V. 

The SiC Inverter Reference Design also includes:

  • a DC-link capacitor
  • DC and phase current sensors
  • active discharge circuit
  • an EMI filter
  • liquid cooling

Silicon Carbide 
Inverter Control Module

SiC Intelligent Power Module
with gate driver board
and control board

1200V/340-550A, pinfin or flat base

Modular SiC Inverter
Reference Design

3-phase 350kW/850V
Complete HW & SW platform

Including DC-link capacitor, EMI filter, 
current sensors and X-cap/bleeder board

SiC Inverter Software

 High-performance SW platform,
containing modulation, control loops, position sensing and safety handling 

ISO 26262 ASIL D certified

SiC Inverter Starter Bundle

The SiC Inverter Starter Bundle consists of all the major hardware and software elements needed to make testing and evaluating our SiC Inverter Platform as easy as possible. The bundle consists of the SiC Inverter Control Module, a choice of 3D printed liquid cooler and the DC-link capacitor. The SiC Inverter Control Module itself consists of our SiC power module, the gate driver board, and the control board. Rounding out the bundle is the OLEA® APP - T222 INVERTER application software, available in both binary and object code packages.

DC-link capacitor

In cooperation with the company Advanced Conversion Inc, and our distributor  NAC Semi, CISSOID offers high performance DC-Link capacitors mechanically integrated with our SiC Intelligent Power Modules. These capacitors offer low ESL (<8nH) and low ESR for fast switching SiC transistors and for high power density.

Reference cooler

For rapid evaluation of pin fin power modules, CISSOID has developed a 3D-printed reference cooler described in a dedicated application note.


Users can either download a 3D printing file or purchase the reference cooler kit. To support inverter and power converter design, CISSOID also provides 3D step files and LTspice models for its power modules (see below).

Models and calculators

Models & Calculators

Electrical & thermal models
3D mechanical models
and calculators

Liquid Cooler Kits

3D-printed coolers designed for the PLA3S IPMs

Complete kits with mounting and sealing materials

DC-Link Capacitors

High power density and fast switching capacitor

Low ESL (<8nH) and low ESR

SiC Inverter Starter Bundle

350kW/850V 3-Phase Silicon Carbide Modular Inverter Starter Bundle


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Application Note



Application Note



Step File


Step File


Step File


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