SiC Inverter Starter Bundle

3-Phase Silicon Carbide Modular Inverter Starter Bundle

CISSOIDs SiC Inverter Starter Bundle consists of all the major hardware elements needed to make testing and evaluating our SiC Inverter Platform as easy as possible. The bundle consists of the SiC Inverter Control Module, a choice of 3D printed liquid cooler and the DC-link capacitor. The SiC Inverter Control Module itself consists of our SiC power module, the gate driver board, and the control board.

Round out the bundle is the OLEA® APP - T222 INVERTER application software, available in both binary and object code packages.

This bundle is available as separate ordering references, as there are many choices of power rating for the switching module and values of the DC-link capacitor. The bundle offers an opportunity to find all the related parts at one glance.

Product Brief


The SiC Inverter Platform is built up from the following elements:
(ordering number between brackets where applicable)