The Company

About us

CISSOID is a leader in power semiconductor solutions, delivering multi-phase, high-current power switching, motor control systems, and software across a wide range of power requirements. Our solutions range from system-on-chip to complete Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) based inverter reference designs supporting an ever-growing range of e-mobility and high-power applications. Our leadership and expertise in extreme high-temperature semiconductors, high-reliability solutions, and packaging allows us to address the ever-increasing power density challenges across a diverse range of markets.

CISSOID Head Quarters office building

Our vision and dedication

At CISSOID, we are dedicated to ease of development, high reliability and maximizing efficiency, in a responsible and sustainable way.

Through our new platforms, we strive to advance the ease of development and thereby shorten time-to-market, while maintaining our market-leading standards of high reliability. 
All our research and development efforts go into designing products that maximize the efficient use of energy.

In all our dealings as an enterprise, we make every effort to conduct business ethically and responsibly, with a constant eye toward improving ways to manufacture products in a sustainable way.

CISSOID Gate Driver circuit

The History

Founded in March 2000, spun out of research started at the University of Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, CISSOID can draw from more than 25 years of expertise in developing solutions for harsh and demanding environments. The know-how in component development, system design and packaging has led to delivering semiconductors that have been - independently - tested to reliably operate from -195° to +400°C over extended periods of time, enabling long operating lifetimes and robust applications. In less extreme environments, this ensures the application's reliability and longevity.

Developing Silicon Carbide (SiC) solutions since 2009, CISSOID has been building up experience in designing high-performance and self-protected gate drivers, to seamlessly match the power-switching devices they are controlling. The next logical step was to combine both those elements into Intelligent Power Modules.

Culminating in the new modular inverter platform, alleviating first of all the challenge of matching the gate driver to the power switching stage, and also alleviating the even more daunting challenge of matching the control processor and its accompanying software, into one coherent whole. By bringing together the key hardware and software elements, consisting of an Intelligent Power Module (IPM), a real-time controller board, customizable e-motor control software, a liquid cooler, and an optimized DC-link capacitor, a unique modular platform has been created. This platform brings down man-years of development effort to a handful of weeks.