10 January 2021

TOP PRODUCTS 2020: CISSOID's 1200V/450A SiC MOSFET Intelligent Power Module selected by MWRF readers

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PWM Controller

MAGMA is a high temperature Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Controller. It operates at constant frequency, adjustable from 50KHz up to 500KHz. MAGMA can operate with input voltages from 6 to 30V. It also features an internal voltage reference, input feed forward compensation making it less sensitive to input voltage variations, and a soft start activated whenever MAGMA comes out of stand-by or the output is enabled. An under-voltage lockout function maintains the PWM output low until the controller has sufficient supply voltage for proper operation. A “power good” comparator returns a “good” signal when the DC-DC converter output voltage has reached a programmable threshold. A synchronization pin can be driven by an external clock while the internal clock is available on CKOUT pin.

Typical performances

  • Temperature range: -55°C to 225°C
  • Voltage Mode PWM Controller
  • Adjustable Max Duty Cycle up to 90%
  • Constant Switching Frequency adjust-able between 50KHz to 500KHz
  • Input Voltage from 6V to 30V
  • Input Voltage Feed Forward 
  • On-chip 2.5V Reference Voltage 
  • Stand-by Mode 
  • Under Voltage Lockout
  • Soft-Start Capability
  • Synchronization Capability
  • Power Good Flag
  • Output Enable



DC-DC Converters in Oil&Gas, Industrial, Aerospace & Automotive.

4 evalutation kits implementing DC-DC converters based on CHT-MAGMA are available from Cissoid. These evaluation kits are: 

  • EVK-VESUVIO, a High Temperature, High Efficiency Step-down DC-DC, up to 50W.
  • EVK-EREBUS, a High Temperature, High Efficiency Step-down DC-DC, up to 280W.
  • EVK-STROMBOLI, a High Temperature, High Efficiency isolated DC-DC (Flyback), up to 50W/150W.
  • EVK-FUJI , a High Temperature non-isolated DC-DC (Flyback), with triple output: up to 2W, board size=3x1 inch².

If you need support for your high temperature design, contact Cissoid.

Download CISSOID's Altium Library for IC symbols and package footprints. For installation, read the related Application Note.



Application: Buck DC-DC converter based on MAGMA PWM controller.


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