650V/400A 3-Phase Silicon Carbide modular Inverter Reference Design

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The SiC Inverter Reference Design is based on CISSOIDs unique hardware and software platform, setting new levels in terms of power density and efficiency, enabling the rapid development of Silicon Carbide (SiC) based inverters for electric drive trains. 

The reference design offers a modular electrical and mechanical integration of a 3-phase 1200V/550A SiC MOSFET Intelligent Power Module from CISSOID, combined with the OLEA® T222 FPCU based control board and OLEA® APP INVERTER application software from Silicon Mobility. 

The complete reference design includes a DC-Link capacitor, DC and phase current sensors, an EMI filter and liquid cooling.

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Key Features

  • Modular SiC power module
  • Robust SiC gate driver board
  • OLEA® T222 FPCU controller
  • Advanced control algorithms
  • SVPWM or DPWM up to 50kHz
  • Low-ESL DC-Link capacitor
  • DC & phase current sensors
  • EMI filter & liquid cooling

  • DC bus voltage (operating): 100-650V
  • Max DC bus voltage (non-operating): 700V
  • Continuous motor current: 400Arms*
  • Motor current peak (60s): 420Arms*
  • Continuous output power: 250kW
  • Output power peak (60s): 280kW

  • * limited by EMC filter current rating