Compact Cooler Kit

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For rapid evaluation of the Silicon Carbide (SiC) pin fin power modules, CISSOID has developed a 3D-printed compact cooler (ACC-PLA1961A).

The complete kit (ACC-PLA1077A) consists of the compact cooler and the necessary materials to mount one of CISSOIDs Intelligent Power Modules.

Key features

The compact cooler kit contains:

  • 3D-printed compact cooler (ACC-PLA1961A)
  • O-rings (3x)
  • O-ring grease
  • Baseplate screws (8x)
  • Threaded inserts (8x)
  • Nozzle pipe fittings (2x)

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Compact Cooler Kit, including O-rings, baseplate screws, threaded inserts and nozzle pipe fittings

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