Reference Liquid Cooler Kit

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For rapid evaluation of the Silicon Carbide (SiC) pin fin power modules, CISSOID has developed a 3D-printed reference cooler (ACC-PLA1959E). 

This cooler is designed for tabletop laboratory use and includes both pressure and temperature measurement ports on the input and output sides. It is 3D printed in PA12 material and can be used with fluid temperatures up to 70°C.

The complete kit (ACC-PLA1008D) consists of the reference cooler and the necessary materials to mount one of CISSOIDs Intelligent Power Modules.

Key features

The reference cooler kit contains:

  • 3D-printed reference cooler (ACC-PLA1959E)
  • O-rings (3x)
  • O-ring grease
  • Baseplate screws (8x)
  • Threaded inserts (8x)
  • Nozzle pipe fittings (2x)

Ordering information

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3D printed Reference Cooler Kit, including O-rings, baseplate screws, threaded inserts and nozzle pipe fittings 

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Type Title Link
Application note CXT-PLA3SA Mounting cooling recommendations PDF
Download ACC-PLA1959E IPM cooler 3D Step File ZIP