31 August 2023

CISSOID at The Battery Show North America in Novi, Michigan, on 12-14 Sept 2023.

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Intelligent Power Modules accelerate transition to SiC-based Electric Motion

Read CISSOID's article about SiC MOSFET Intelligent Power Modules in E-Mobility Technology International

New fast switching Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Transistors are now widely available as discrete devices or bare die. Their low on-resistance at high blocking voltages, high switching speed and thermal performance allows system engineers to achieve significant gains in size, weight and efficiency for motor drives and battery chargers whilst anticipating a continuous drop in SiC devices pricing. However, an important brake for the adoption of SiC in high power applications is the availability of well-optimized power modules as well as the learning curve in reliably driving them. Intelligent Power Modules answer both challenges by offering highly integrated and plug-in-play solutions accelerating time-to-market and saving engineering resources.

IPM and TRFO module

Figure: CXT-PLA3SA12450 3-phase 1200V/450A SiC MOSFET Intelligent Power Module (IPM).


Figure: 3D models facilitate the co-integratrion of CXT-PLA3SA12450 SiCIPM with DC Bus Capacitor and Liquid Cooler


Read the full article in E-Mobility Technology International Magazine, Winter 2020, p128.

Or download the full article in PDF.