31 August 2023

CISSOID at The Battery Show North America in Novi, Michigan, on 12-14 Sept 2023.

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Automotive 50mA Adjustable Voltage Regulator

CXT-STA4919 is part of the CXT series of components designed and qualified for high-temperature automotive environments.

It is a high-temperature, high-reliability, 50mA adjustable linear voltage regulator suitable to generate from a +4.5V to +35V voltage source any regulated voltage in the range from +3.3V to +28V. Its operating junction temperature ranges from -40°C to +175°C. The regulator is self-protected with a built-in current limiter and a thermal protection. CXT-STA4919 brings unique benefits in applications where the ambient or operating temperature is high and above the temperature supported by traditional semiconductors.

CXT-STA4919 is available in a plastic package PSOIC8 with exposed pad for small PCB footprint and low thermal resistance.

 Typical performances

  • Temperature range: -40°C to 175°C
  • Input Voltage: 4.5V  to 35V
  • Output voltage: adjustable  from 3.3V to 28V
  • Maximum Output current: 50mA
  • Total precision (absolute + drift): +/-5%
  • Over-current limitation
  • Quiescent current: 1.3mA Typ.
  • Stand-by current: 40µA Typ.
  • Package: SOIC8 with exposed pad
  • Junction-to-ambient thermal resistance: 50°C/W
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 0 & PPAP capable



Regulated power supplies and gate driver supplies for embedded and power electronics in automotive including Electrical Vehicles (EV).


Design Support

If you need support for your high temperature design, contact Cissoid.

You can download CISSOID's Altium Library for IC symbols and package footprints. For installation, read the related Application Note.

A comprehensive Application Note explains how to optimize the PCB design for maximal thermal performance. This Application Note first explains how to minimize the junction-to-ambient thermal resistance. Then, the setup used for the characterization of the thermal resistance is described and the measurements results are provided. For optimized PCB layout, a junction-to-ambient thermal resistance of 50°C/W is measured. 



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