10 January 2021

TOP PRODUCTS 2020: CISSOID's 1200V/450A SiC MOSFET Intelligent Power Module selected by MWRF readers

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30V non-isolated buck DC-DC converter technology


VESUVIO is CISSOID’s technology allowing to build High Temperature, High Efficiency Step-down DC-DC Converters on the basis of CISSOID’s two-chip set MAGMA -HYPERION  and two  power MOSFETs.

Typical performances

  • Operating junction temperature: -55°C to +225°C
  • Efficiencies in excess of 90% above 200°C
  • Vin: from 6 to 30V
  • Vout: from 1.2V to 0.9xVin
  • Synchronous mode available
  • Soft-start feature
  • Line regulation better than 1.5mV/V
  • Iout up to 2A



  • Distributed power architectures in aeronautics, aerospace, industrial and military electronic systems:
    • PoL (Point of Loads)
    • PDU (Power Distribution Units)
  • SMPS power supplies in down-hole tools such as MWD and LWD equipment

If you need support for your high temperature power supply design, just contact Cissoid.


Typical efficiency of Vesuvio-based DC-DC controllers 


Ordering information

A product brief for VESUVIO is available for download (see above).
The application note is available on request: Request VESUVIO application note.

VESUVIO technology is available from CISSOID for licensing. The license kit includes the reference design, its schematic and bill-of-material, a demonstration board, datasheet and application note, as well as the technical support for implementation.
The demonstration board included in the License kit is configured for 2A, 5V output.


Product description Ordering reference
IP VESUVIO: High-temperature non-Isolated DC-DC Converter Technology - Voltage input range 6V to 30V – The package includes one evaluation board, documentation and user’s license LIC-VESUVIO-30