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CXT-PLA3SA12450A is a 3-phase 1200V/450A Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET Intelligent Power Module integrating the power switches and a gate driver based on the CISSOID HADES2 chipset. Cooled down through a lightweight AlSiC Pin Fin baseplate, this module addresses high power density converters offering a SiC power module designed for operation at high junction temperature up to 175°C. Compared to IGBT modules, this solution gives access to the full benefits of SiC technology to achieve high efficiency, high power density and high reliability thanks to low switching losses and high temperature operation. The integration of the gate driver together with the power module gives direct access to a fully validated and optimized solution in terms of switching speed and losses, robustness against dI/dt and dV/dt and protection of the power stages (Desat, UVLO, AMC, SSD).

Key Features

  • Power Devices Junction Temperature: -40°C to +175°C
  • Gate Driver Ambient Temperature: -40°C to 125°C
  • Drain-to-source Breakdown Voltage: 1200V
  • Low On Resistance: 3.25mOhms typ.
  • Max Continuous Current: 450A/300A at Tc=25°C/90°C
  • Lightweight AlSiC Pin Fin baseplate for liquid cooling
  • Junction-to-case Thermal Resistance: 0.13 °C/W typ.
  • Switching Energy@ 600V/300A: Eon=8.42mJ/Eoff=7.05mJ
  • Switching Frequency: max 50Khz
  • Isolation (baseplate - power pins): 3600VAC @50Hz (1min)
  • Common Mode Transient Immunity: >50kV/μs
  • Low parasitic capacitance (primary-secondary): typ 11pF per phase
  • Gate Driver Protections: 
    • Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
    • Desaturation Protection
    • Soft Shutdown turn-off (SSD)
    • Negative gate drive (-3V)
    • Active Miller Clamping (AMC)
    • Gate-Source Short-circuit Protection


  • Electrical Vehicle (EV) Motor Drives
  • Heavy Duty Motor Drives & Active Rectifiers
  • Industrial Motor Drives

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