8 February 2018

CISSOID offers support to customers replacing Honeywell's obsoleted High Temperature Microelectronics Products

Cissoid is the leader in High temperature
& Extended lifetime semiconductors

Since 2000, CISSOID is the leader in high temperature semiconductor solutions, delivering standard products and custom solutions for power management, power conversion and signal conditioning in extreme temperature and harsh environments. CISSOID provides high reliability products guaranteed from -55C to +225C and commonly used outside that range, from cryogenic lows to upper extremes.

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The ever increasing demand on the Automotive industry to drive down car emissions is a challenge and is driving the Manufacturers to look for ever increasing innovative solutions to meet these goals. The semiconductor content continues to increase but is now being located in more hostile location such as engine blocks, gear boxes and exhaust systems. Each of these require solutions that can operate at higher temperatures while maintaining the required lifetime reliability.

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Aeronautics & Space

Cissoid's Solutions are being designed into New Airframes and Engines as the drive to reduce weight and emissions accelerates. Electronics in actuators for Flaps and Braking systems are replacing Hydraulic Control Systems. Sensors electronics are being located in the hot zone of engines. Cissoids ability to deliver high temperature, long lifetime solutions enable these changes to be realized.

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Cissoid is providing the Industrial Markets with opportunities to re-architect their design to increase efficiency, reduce overall system cost and increase reliability. In power converters / inverters, systems can be made much smaller with higher power densities and more reliable by using components that can operate at high temperatures for extended periods of time.

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Cissoid has been supporting the Oil & Gas Market since 2001 and has become the key supplier to the world's Major Equipment developers in the Industry. Deep Well Drilling requires solutions that can operate reliably over long periods of time at temperatures up to 225C.

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Why Us?

Since 2000, CISSOID has been the supplier of choice for high-temperature & extended lifetime semiconductors. CISSOID's accumulated know-how and technologies are designed to outperform standard semiconductors solutions.

25 years of passion

CISSOID has built unparalleled expertise since being founded in 2000 and prior to that in University research programs.


The outstanding reliability of CISSOID products comes from years of experience in development and manufacturing of high temperature, high reliability semiconductors..


Products quality have been proven over many years of operation in some of the world's harshest environment for semiconductors.

ISO 9001:2008

Quality Management System based on ISO9001:2008 on top of which have been added specific Reliability requirements.


Strong technical and commercial support in all regions via direct and indirect sales channels.

We are a strong team
passionate by the idea of
providing high quality and
reliability solutions

The high-temperature voltage regulators and voltage references of STAR Family go from high-power high-current voltage regulators to accurate voltage references.

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The PLANET Family consists of small signal diodes and transistors, as well as power diodes and transistors up to 20A and high-voltage high-power Silicon Carbide power modules.

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The VOLCANO Family contains PWM controller and several high-temperature DC-DC converter reference designs: isolated high-voltage converter, buck DC-DC converter, triple outputs point-of-load converter for FPGA and microcontroller...

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The TITAN Family encompasses low-voltage and high-voltage isolated gate drivers that can be used in motor drives and power converters. Gate drivers are optimized to drive the latest GaN and SiC devices, and are compatible with IGBT and silicon switches.

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The RIVER Family consists of mixed signal IC's as analog-to-digital converter and comparators.

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The GEMSTONE Family includes several amplifiers, from general-purpose OPAMP to ultra low noise amplifier for sensor acquisition. It contains also an instrumentation amplifier.

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The GALAXY logic Family is optimized for High-Temperature, High Reliability applications. It brings digital functions to system designers targeting high temperature electronics.

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The PULSAR Family contains high-temperature crystal oscillators and timer able to generate very accurate clock signal and perform timing management.

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