CHT-PLUTO-B1230 is a high-temperature 1200V/30A Dual Silicon Carbide MOSFET in a single hermetic module. The intrinsic body diodes can play as freewheeling diodes with the recommendation to use a small duty cycle to limit dissipation. It is suitable to implement a power half bridge for applications such as DC-DC converters or motor drives in high temperature environments. The two independent switches can be used in parallel to deliver a total of 60A. This product is guaranteed for normal operation on the full range -55°C to +210°C (Tj). Each MOSFET has a breakdown voltage in excess of 1200V and is capable of switching current up to 30A. They have an On-resistance of 20mΩ at 25°C and 60mΩ at 210°C at VGS=20V.

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