1 June 2020

Our CTO talks about SiC MOSFET Intelligent Power Modules in Bodo's Power Systems

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Triple output Flyback 3.5W DC-DC Converter



The EVK-FUJI is a reference design for a non-isolated DCM Flyback DC-DC converter, with triple outputs. It is therefore a Point-of-Load solution suitable to generate 3 standard voltages from a single power supply input ranging from +12V to +28V. The default output voltage values are +5V; +3.3V and +1.8V; they can be modified to accommodate for different voltage needs. 

Typical performances

  • ICs Operating junction temperature: -55°C to +225°C
  • Evaluation Board suitable for testing up to 200°C (excursions)
  • Vin range: +12V to +28V
  • Triple voltage output (customizable):
    • +5V / 400mA
    • +3.3V / 250mA
    • +1.8V / 250mA
  • Power range: 3.5W
  • Based on:
    • 1x PWM Controller CHT-MAGMA
    • 4x transistors CHT-NMOS8001
  • Up to 68% efficiency
  • Switching frequency: 100kHz (default); adjustable up to 500kHz


  • Embedded power supply blocks in down-hole tools
  • PoL in aeronautics and aerospace
  • High reliability DC-DC modules

If you need support for your high temperature power supply design, just contact Cissoid.


Architecture of EVK-FUJI VOL1088A

Ordering information

2 versions of the EVK-FUJI are available:

  • EVK-VOL1088A: This version of the evaluation board implements the fly back voltage mode regulation loop on the main, +5V voltage output. The 2 secondary voltage outputs (+3.3V and +1.8V) are not regulated;  this version should be used when the load variation on the different outputs is not greater than ±50% of the nominal value;
  • EVK-VOL1088B: in this version, regulators do generate the 2 secondary, lowest voltage, outputs (+3.3V and +1.8V Typ.); this version should be used if load variation on the different outputs are subject to vary significantly, beyond ±50% of the nominal load value, or possibly reaching zero load situations.

EVK-FUJI includes a 3’’x1’’ evaluation board, a complete Application Note, the electrical schematic and the bill of materials. It allows immediate evaluation and integration into an electronic design with high temperature requirements or into an MCM hybrid project.

A product brief for FUJI is available for download (see above).
The application note is available on request: Request FUJI application note.


Product description Ordering reference
EVK-FUJI A: Triple output DCM Flyback 3.5W DC-DC Converter  EVK-VOL1088A
EVK-FUJI B: Triple output DCM Flyback 3.5W DC-DC Converter with regulated 3.3 / 1.8 output  EVK-VOL1088B