31 August 2023

CISSOID at The Battery Show North America in Novi, Michigan, on 12-14 Sept 2023.

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HADESŪv2 Gate Driver Primary Side IC (175°C)

CMT-HADES2P is a high-temperature, high reliability single chip primary side of a gate driver solution. It implements a current mode controlled DC-DC flyback converter for the generation of the on-board power supplies and the isolated data transmission from the external control interface to the 2 secondary sides and performs local fault management.
This device has been designed in a way to reduce as much as possible the required number of external passive devices and to limit the requirement in high capacitor values (large footprint at high temperature).
Its features a UVLO monitoring on the incoming power supply, a linear voltage regulator to generate the local 5V supply voltage and an on/off keying modulation of the data signal towards the secondary side.
It offers wide voltage range for the input PWM signals (5 to 15V) and hysteresis to enhance immunity to system noise; it also features a spike filtering function on those PWM signals to prevent spurious turn-on/turn-off of the secondary gate drivers.

Typical performances

  • Operating temperature: -55°C to +175°C
  • Supply voltage: 10-16.5V
  • Configurable Under-Voltage Lockout
  • Integrated flyback DC-DC converter
    • Typ. 180 kHz switching freq.
    • Current mode control
    • Cycle by cycle current limit
    • Integrated switching transistor (Rdson: 0.8Ω)
    • Optional external switching transistor
  • Transceiver
  • Configurable local non-overlap management
  • Open-drain Dual Fault outputs
  • High voltage Dual PWM inputs
  • OOK modulated interface:
    • 2 TX and RX channels
  • Data rate:
    • up to 2 Mbits/s per TX channel
  • Propagation delay (TX):
    • typ. 40 ns
  • TX jitter (RMS cycle-2-cycle) :
    • max 6 ns
  • Hysteresis on PWM inputs
  • Fault generation with programmable automatic re-start timer
  • Configurable 500ns spike filter on PWM  paths
  • Common mode transient immunity:
    •  > 50KV/µS typ.
  • Package: Plastic QFP44



  • Ideally suited for high reliability markets like automotive, aerospace, railway, Oil & Gas.
  • Motor drivers: down-hole, electrical cars, railway, industrial pumps...
  • DC-DC converters and SMPS: battery chargers....
  • Inverters : Solar inverters, smart grid, EV and HEV, 3 phases inverter,...
  • Power conversion: uninterruptible power supplies, wind turbine...

An evaluation kit EVK-HADES1210 implementing a high-temperature isolated gate driver based on CHT-HADES2P and CHT-HADES2S is available at Cissoid.

If you need support for your high temperature design, contact Cissoid.

Download CISSOID's Altium Library for IC symbols and package footprints. For installation, read the related Application Note.

Isolated high-voltage half-bridge gate driver based on CHT-HADES2P and CHT-HADES2S

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