23 January 2019

CISSOID's Altium Library now available for download

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CISSOID's products add value in many kinds of applications from various markets. The unique technologies used by CISSOID enable the devices to work at high temperature. They also increase their lifetime at lower temperature by more than one order of magniture compared to traditionnal electronic components.
CISSOID's products can bring benefits when:

The ambient temperature is > 150˚C

CISSOID ICs are guaranteed for normal operation up to 225˚C and bring the long term reliability traditional ICs cannot deliver.

Typical markets are Oil&Gas, as well as aeronautics and automotive industries in which the trend is to place sensors and actuators closer to the engine or the turbine.

Heat dissipation is high

Intelligent power modules are used in power converters and in electrical motor drives. A key parameter of these power converters is their power density. High-temperature electronics allow the power module to work at higher temperature and to increase significantly the power density without affecting the reliability of the overall solution.

Need for extended lifetime

High-temperature electronics bring benefits in mission critical systems & high-reliability applications in the range 85~150˚C. It brings one more order of magniture of lifetime compared to traditionnal semiconductors. Aeronautics and solar applications are seeking lifetime >200 000 hours at temperature below <125˚C. While traditionnal electronics can't meet these requirements, CISSOID's products can.


The ever increasing demand on the Automotive industry to drive down car emissions is a challenge and is driving the Manufacturers to look for ever increasing innovative solutions to meet these goals. The semiconductor content continues to increase but is now being located in more hostile location such as engine blocks, gear boxes and exhaust systems. Each of these require solutions that can operate at higher temperatures while maintaining the required lifetime reliability. 

Aeronautics & Space

Cissoid’s Solutions are being designed into New Airframes and Engines as the drive to reduce weight and emissions accelerates. Electronics in actuators for Flaps and Braking systems are replacing Hydraulic Control Systems. Sensors electronics are being located in the hot zone of engines. Cissoids ability to deliver high temperature, long lifetime solutions enable these changes to be realized. 

Oil & gas

Cissoid has been supporting the Oil & Gas Market since 2002 and has become the key supplier to the world's Major Equipment developers in the Industry. Deep Well Drilling requires solutions that can operate reliably over long periods of time at temperatures up to 225C.


Cissoid is providing the Industrial Markets with opportunities to re-architect their design to increase efficiency, reduce overall system cost and increase reliability. In power converters / inverters, systems can be made much smaller with higher power densities and more reliable by using components that can operate at high temperatures for extended periods of time.