3 September 2019

CISSOID CTO talks about SiC Gate Drivers in Bodo's Power Systems

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High Temperature Electronic Systems Design


EVK-FUJIFor more than a decade, CISSOID has been involved in the design of high temperature electronic boards, modules and sub-systems. Based on its high temperature integrated circuits, CISSOID has developed sensors interfaces, power management functions and power converters, including DC-DC converters and motor drives.  CISSOID has also built an ecosystem of partners offering high temperature components like resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, connectors or printed circuit boards.

These developments were done for internal purposes (evaluation boards), in the frame of European Research programs or for major corporations from Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Railways and Automotive industries. Below are some examples of products that have been developed:



CISSOID offers a broad range of services related to the design of high temperature electronic systems going from punctual support for a critical function, e.g. a power supply, up to the complete design and manufacturing of a complex system like a motor drive. 
For extreme temperature environments, we can also support our customers for the development of hybrid modules or custom assemblies.
For more information about our high temperature system design services, please, contact us.


High Temperature Packaging Services


Packaging is crucial in building reliable high temperature components and modules. In order to offer the most reliable components, CISSOID has invested significant effort and resources in developing high temperature packaging expertise and robust assembly technologies. CISSOID is also part of several international research consortium's working on high temperature packaging.
This expertise includes the assembly of low power high temperature integrated circuits in plastic, ceramic or metal packages but also power devices in discrete packages or in power modules, like NEPTUNE 1200V/10A SiC MOSFET and PLUTO Dual1200V/30A SiC MOSFET power module. CISSOID has also established partnerships to offer to its customers one-stop-shop design and manufacturing of high temperature hybrid modules, e.g. for sensor interfaces, DC-DC converters or intelligent power modules. 



High-temeprature hybrid module

CISSOID offers a broad range of services related to the packaging of high temperature integrated circuits including:

  • Discrete or multi-chip assemblies, including hybrid modules
  • Development of specific packages, in particular for power devices
  • Development of power modules, including intelligent power modules  

This service may include the design of the electronic function or system (see our high temperature system design services) that will be first validated on PCB. It also includes all the steps towards the industrialization and manufacturing of the products like electrical characterization, testing and qualification. With this service, our customers benefit from more than 15 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of reliable high temperature electronic components. 
For more information about our high temperature packaging services, please, contact us.