17 October 2018

CISSOID & GPT partner on SiC

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High temperature half-bridge with isolated gate driver

HADES® is a turnkey half-bridge isolated gate driver Reference Design designed for high-temperature, high speed and high-reliability applications. While it has been tailored to support the newest generation of wide-bandgap power switches such as SiC and GaN, the solution is also suitable for driving standard IGBTs or transistors anywhere there is a need to improve the reliability of the systems.
With a standard gate current capability of ±4A or ±2A, the solution is scalable up to ±20A, while supporting a bus voltage up to 1200V.


Typical performances:

  • CISSOID Active components guaranteed for -55° to +225°C (Tj) 
  • 200°C Polyimide PCB
    • Board qualified for 175°C ambient (Short excursions to 225°C for testing allowed)
  • High-side and Low-side gate driver
  • Designed for 1200VDC bus voltage
  • Gate output current ±4A 
  • Isolation (primary – secondary):
    • 2,500VAC @50Hz (for 1mn)
    • >100MΩ @ 500VDC
  • Common mode transient immunity:
    • 30kV/µs typ (designed for 50kV/µs)
  • Delay time (PWM to NGH/NGL)): 200ns typ.
  • Gate voltage: 
    • MOSFET support: 20V / -5V nominal (EVK-TIT0636A)
    • JFET (SemiSouth normally-OFF SJEP120R100) support : -16V / 16V (EVK-TIT0636B)
  • Rise time (on a 1nF load): 10ns typ.
  • Fall time (on a 1nF load): 10ns typ.
  • Switching frequency: up to 150kHz (possibly beyond)
  • Single power supply: +12V ±10%
  • Interfacing voltage (digital I/Os): 5V ±10%
  • Under voltage lockout (UVLO) 
  • Independent PWM inputs for HS and LS drivers or single PWM input with on-board non-overlapping
  • Active Miller clamping
  • Desaturation protection
  • Isolated fault outputs 


  • Motor drives
  • Battery chargers
  • Electrical distribution:
    • AC-DC converters
    • DC-DC converters
    • DC-AC inverters 

EVK-HADES: schematic
EVK-HADES block diagram: isolated high-temperature high-voltage gate driver

Ordering information

A product brief for EVK-HADES is available for download (see above).
The application note is available on request: Request EVK-HADES application note.

The Evaluation Board EVK-HADES® can be used immediately to implement a power converter or a motor drive, supporting a bus voltage up to 600V/1200V and gate currents up to ±2A (SemiSouth normally Off JFETs) or ±4A (Cree MOSFETs) . The two channels (high and low-sides) can be controlled independently of each other or used in a half-bridge configuration. In the latter case, the EVK-HADES board in combination with external power switches can form a complete 1-leg inverter solution for immediate evaluation and testing.
The Reference Design is based on the chipset CHT-THEMIS / CHT-ATLAS and CHT-RHEA. The solution also includes an isolated power supply built with CHT-MAGMA PWM controller. For applications that require greater gate currents, designers can modify HADES® Reference Design and build their own board by adding up to 5 additional CHT-ATLAS circuits per channel (high-side and low side) in order to source / sink up to +/-20A to the gate of the power switch devices. 
The board EVK-HADES is populated with CISSOID integrated circuits in ceramic package form (CSOIC28), guaranteed for -55°C to +225°C. The board is based on a polyimide PCB (rated 200°C). The passive components and the desaturation diode allow operation up to 175°C, with possible short excursions to 225°C for testing. The evaluation board is delivered with the complete electrical schematic, the bill of materials including active and passive components, the Gerber files.


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High-Temperature Half-Bridge Isolated Gate-Driver dedicated to SiC MOSFETs