17 October 2018

CISSOID & GPT partner on SiC

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HADESŪv2 High Voltage Isolated Gate Driver Chipset (175°C)


HADES®v2 Half Bridge High Voltage Isolated Gate Driver is based on 2 different chips:
- CMT-HADES2P: Primary side IC
- CMT-HADES2S: Secondary side IC



CMT-HADES2P includes a current mode controlled DC-DC flyback converter for the generation of the on-board power supplies and the isolated data transmission from the external control interface to the 2 secondary sides and performs local fault management.

CMT-HADES2S includes a push-pull drive capable of sourcing/sinking up to 12A each and multiple protections like under-voltage lockout (UVLO), desaturation detection, Active Miller Clamping, over-temperature sensing. It also includes the isolation interface to primary function.



A half bridge high voltage isolated gate driver includes 1 CMT-HADES2P, impementing an isolated Flyback DC-DC converter, and 2 CMT-HADES2S, driving the low- and high-side power transistors.



An evaluation kit EVK-HADES1210 implementing a high-temperature isolated gate driver based on CHT-HADES2P and CHT-HADES2S (225°C, ceramic package) is available from Cissoid.


If you need support for your high temperature power supply or motor drive design, just contact Cissoid.